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With over 8 million subscribers, Peacock Kids (formally DreamWorksTV) is the top major kids brand on YouTube and Junk Drawer Magic is Peacock Kids' most popular shows garnering over one million views per week. In each episode, co-hosts Akira Sky and Walker Satterwhite show viewers how to do magic tricks without spending money on expensive items by simply using things they can find in their junk drawers!

Junk Drawer Magic is NOW also streaming on Peacock!

Trickmas 2020 Episode 1

Trickmas 2020 Episode 2

Trickmas 2020 Episode 3

Trickmas 2020 Episode 4

Junk Drawer Magic recently expanded its reach by making the leap to television as Junk Drawer Magical Adventures with ten thirty-minute episodes on the Universal Kids Network.  Each episode is filled with ever more magic, awesome locations like the Magic Castle and Universal CityWalk and incredible guest stars!

Knock Knock Pranks: Babysitting for a Vampire

Schneck & Eck Crack the Case

shneck and Eck Still.jpg

Rap Battles No One Asked For

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